Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 months later....

Today's post is brought to you by yours truly, Minnie!  My mom said she is embarrassed that she hasn't kept up with the blog in 2 months, so she wanted me to get on here and let everyone know that everything is a-ok!  

This summer has been busy with my parents preparing for the arrival of this "baby."  I don't know who or what this person is, but she is sure taking up a lot of my parents' time!  My mom and dad keep telling me that my sister is coming and I better behave myself and be nice to her.  I will try, but I can't guarantee anything!  I haven't been helping out with the baby stuff too much, but I do like to go in her room, sniff everything, roll around on the carpet, and leave some good fur balls behind.  That way this baby knows that I was here FIRST!  

This weekend I had a new friend come over to play - Chase the Yellow Lab.  He was fun and I'm pretty sure he's my boyfriend now.  We played for about 4 hours straight, and then we sat nose-to-nose with our paws on top of each other's.  If that doesn't say true love, I don't know what does.  The only bad part is that Chase is quite the drooler, so he soaked up my entire neck and head with his slobber and I had to get a bath the next day.  But that's ok, because you have to make sacrifices for the one you love, right?

Lately I've been a little mopey because I've hardly been getting any walks and I'm not sure about this baby business.  However, my mom says she's proud of me because I've been protective of my house and woofing at whoever rings the doorbell!  So what if I also woof when there's a doorbell ringing on tv...I mean who can tell the difference?

Here's a picture of me and a book about a dog that looks like me - it's for my baby sister.  I hope she likes it because I want her to learn about "my people" (golden retrievers!)  I am going to be the lone golden representative in a house full of humans, so I have to represent!  WOOF!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dogs are People, Too!

Today's post is a short one, but I felt like I had to share it.  Below is a story about a high school's comfort dog who recently retired.  He made such a big impact that the students felt like he was "one of them."  And of course....the dog is a golden :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Missin' Bea

Minnie never had the chance to meet Bea, the beloved family golden retriever (and Minn's predecessor).  Today is actually the anniversary of when Bea passed away 5 years ago.  It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by, especially since I always feel like Bea's going to come running down the driveway or come to greet me at the back door whenever I visit my parents. 

Bea is the dog who fueled my family's love of goldens, and we feel like no dog will ever compare to her!  It's funny that Minnie and Bea are the same breed, because they have totally different personalities!  But I think that's a good thing, because Bea was Bea and Minn is Minn.  

May 28, 2008 was a rough day, and I don't really like to think about it.  Bea was a great dog though, and I had 11.5 awesome years with her!  If Bea were still around, I'm sure Minnie would follow her around everywhere and be her annoying "kid sister."  They would make quite the pair!  

Bea, I want you to know that we're thinking about you today (and most days) and we all miss you a lot!  You were everyone's best friend and the sweetest dog we ever knew!

Here is Bailey - known to most as Bea 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Minnie's Updates

Minnie's had herself a nice little month so far!  While Husband and I were in Florida for a week, Minn got to spend the week with her BFF, Jack. 

Smiley and serious!

I guess when she's a guest at someone else's house, she likes to "tidy up" to make sure she gets invited back. Here's what I mean:

Minn's clean-up job

Apparently she went through the entire house, collected every single toy (even the ones that weren't hers), and piled them all in her bed! She is such a weirdo!

Minnie also got groomed for the first time last weekend, and she looks SUPER cute!  I asked the groomer how she did (I was expecting her to say, oh Minnie was great!) But she just answered with a, "Well....she was.....silly."  I can only imagine what Minnie did...I probably don't want to know.  The groomer did mention that Minnie was a very "licky girl." She licked the scissors they were using to trim her ears, and cut her tongue! Minn!  

This past weekend, after I dragged poor Minn on a long walk on an extremely humid, hot day, she decided that some relaxation was in order.  So she invited herself onto the lounge chair I was sitting on (when I got up to get a drink) and had herself a nice little chew up there!

Hi Mom! I stole your chair!

There's not much else too interesting to report.  My birthday's on Thursday...I hope Minnie got me something great! ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Something's Going on Here...

Hello world - this blog is coming to you straight from me, Minnie! My mom has been majorly slacking on the blog (which in turn makes ME look bad), so I decided to take over the keyboard today!

What's been going on the past couple months, you ask? Well, it has been raining a lot! It even snowed back in March! My mom says that is weird, but all I know is that I had a blast playing in the snow with my dad! The funny thing is, the day before it snowed was warm and great. My mom and dad took me to the park. Here's a picture of us gals on the park bench:

I even visited the Kirkwood Amphitheater and sat in the audience with my dad! I don't know what I was supposed to be looking at though...there was nothing going on on stage!

So that was one day...now here is a picture of the next day:

Crazy! As much fun as the snow is, I am glad it's gone because that means it's almost summer...and that means more walks and outdoor fun!  My mom's been annoyed that it keeps raining though, because that means our kitchen floor is always dirty and there's always mud in various places throughout the house (compliments of me!)  She got me and my cousin Jack these tasty cookies...so I don't think I mind the rain if I get cookies like this!

So you might be wondering about the title of this post. I have to tell you, something is going on in our house, and I'm not sure how I feel about this!  A few weeks ago my parents told me that I am going to be getting a new sister in September. At first I was excited, because that meant I would have a new friend to rough-house with and play with in the backyard!  Then my mom told me that my new sister is not going to be a dog like me...she's going to be a HUMAN BABY.  What the heck? I thought I was the baby of the household!  I am the cutest, funnest, cutest, best member of the family! I don't want to be replaced! My mom tried to reassure me that no one could ever replace her little Minn, but I don't know about that. I hear these babies get all the attention and us dogs get left in the dust!

To make sure my parents don't forget about me, I've been being a little "coo coo" lately.  Some things I like to do to get my parents' attention are:

1)Stealing shoes and putting them in my bed:

2) Acting like a mad woman in my dad's office while he's on the phone:

3) Not eating my food and showing sad, pathetic looks like this one:

I think maybe my tricks are working, too! The other day my parents got me a new stuffed animal friend named Roary (who I love), and they fed me kernels of food while I laid on the floor like a princess! I will keep you posted on this baby business...I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve this summer to make sure my parents don't forget about me. Watch out world, Sneaky Minn is here to stay!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Out of Here, Winter!

The date may say March 1, but you wouldn't know it by looking outside! For about the third or fourth time in a week, it is snowing. Which means every time we let Minnie out, she comes back in soaking wet, muddy, and cold. Plus, poor Minn hasn't gotten to go on many walks lately because of all this snow, and she sure is getting restless!  As much as I hate the snow, it is pretty funny to watch Minn galloping through it and digging around with her nose...she certainly enjoys it!

Nothing too exciting has been going on in Minn-world lately. A couple weeks ago her cousin Jack came to stay with us, and Minn had a blast. Jack, on the other hand, probably could've done with some more snoozing time and less "Minn in my face" time.  As you can tell from the picture below, Minnie likes to steal whatever Jack is playing with.  It doesn't matter that there's 2 other bones laying next to him, Minnie has to steal the EXACT bone Jack's chewing. What a punk! We tried to teach her about sharing her toys...it was a lost cause. Poor Jack!

Quit being a brat, Minn!

Other updates - Minnie has been sleeping mostly in her bed instead of her crate, which is great because we're looking forward to moving that honkin thing out of our living room!  Initially when we got her bed, she would get up at 2 am and "party" as we called it (squeak her toys and run around the house). So for awhile, she was still sleeping in the crate. But we've gradually been letting her stay in her bed and I think she's really getting used to it.  If we don't put the gate up in the hallway (to block her off from the back of the house), she'll wander around in the dark and steal shoes out of the guest room closet!  

Minnie got a bath last week but we're thinking her next cleaning might have to be done by a groomer...she just has too much fur!  Plus she's starting to look a little shaggy.  She's never been groomed before so I'm wondering what she'll do...I wish they could videotape it!

Maybe when I get groomed I'll get some cool hair clips, like this one my mom put on me!

Look how fluffy my "vest" is!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Worn Out

A couple weekends ago Minnie went to the farm with Husband...I didn't go, but from what I hear, she had a glorious time!  One of the highlights of her trip was when she jumped into the half-frozen lake and went swimming!  We think this little incident also caused her to get Swimmer's Tail - look it up, it's a real thing!  Apparently when dogs go swimming in freezing cold water they can pull a muscle in their tail, which is VERY painful.  We noticed something was up with Minnie after she walked around all day with her tail between her legs, like she was scared of something. I guess it hurt her so much that she couldn't wag!  

I am glad to report that now everything seems to be better, and Minn is back in tip-top wagging form!

Below - a picture of Minnie after her return from the farm. She put herself right to bed as soon as she got home...we felt like she needed some comfy blankets to cuddle up with. Oh Minn.....

Shh, baby's sleeping!